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5-4-3 Organic Compost Fertilizer

A Pelleted Compost with Natural Trace Minerals and 9% Calcium

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5-4-3 is a very rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner derived solely from composted poultry manure. It can be used to both improve soils and fertilize vegetables, lawns, shrubs, flower, trees and farm crops. It is 100% Organic and helps bio-activate and condition the soil as it fertilizes.

5-4-3 is used as your starter fertilizer in Step 1 of our 4 Step Garden Fertilizing Program. You can work the 5-4-3 into the soil before seeding or transplanting to give your plants a well-balanced nutritious diet necessary to begin growing.

If your garden is already planted you can spread the 5-4-3 it on top of the soil in the spring and then again mid-season as a side dress fertilizer and organic soil builder. If you are used to using 10-10-10 synthetic fertilizer in your garden, you can replace it by using double the amount of 5-4-3 and get all the additional benefits of putting organic matter into your soil.

Our 5-4-3 Fertilizer comes from poultry manure that contains no bedding or sawdust. This allows us to obtain higher concentrations of nutrients than you'll find in other composted poultry manures. The composting process is carefully monitored with piles being turned every 3 days for about 6 weeks. The temperature stays at 140-150 degrees for at least 9 days in a row and thereby kills off weed seeds and pathogens.

30% of the Nitrogen in our 5-4-3 is readily available to plants and soil microbes. The remaining 70% Nitrogen, along with all the Phosphorus and Potassium will be slowly released over the course of the growth cycle. As an added bonus, you receive many of the trace elements that you wouldn’t receive with chemical fertilizers such as Magnesium, Sulfur, Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Zinc and Calcium. 5-4-3 contains 9% Calcium! That means your plants will be strong and healthy and have a greater defense against disease.

We have packed the 5-4-3 in easy-to-handle 25 lb bags, perfect for the home gardener. We also can supply growers with pallets of 50 lb bags or 1000 lb tote bags.

Pelleted for easy broadcasting by hand or spreader


3 cups = approx 1 lb

VEGETABLE GARDEN (For both seeds and transplants.) Pre-Planting. Mix into the soil 6 lbs per 100 sf of bed or 6 lbs per 100 ft row. If plants are already in the ground spread on surface and lightly scratch in where possible. Follow up applications can be done at 2 lbs per 100 sf every 30-40 days after plants are well established, or you can follow up with foliar feeding per our 4 Step Garden Fertilizing Program.

FLOWERS Apply 4 lbs per 100 sf pre-planting. Apply again to surface mid-season at 2 lbs per 100 sf or begin foliar feeding after buds start to form.

TURF Apply to any type of grass in early spring and throughout the season to fertilize and boost soil organic matter. Use 20 lbs per 1000 sq ft. for 1 lb Nitrogen. Use 10 lbs per 1000 sf during slower growth periods or when less growth is desired. 70% of the Nitrogen is slow-release. Can be applied as high as 40# per 1000 sf when you want to do just one spring and one early fall treatment.

TREES Spread fertilizer within and to just beyond the tree's drip line at 10 lbs per 1000 sf. For fruit or ornamental trees apply at 2-3 lbs per inch diameter at breast height.

SHRUBS / PERENNIALS Spread 2-3 lbs per 100 sf

FARM USE Apply prior to working the soil in preparation for planting or as a starter fertilizer at a rate of 1-3 tons per acre. Can also be used to top dress small grains at a rate of ½ ton per acre.

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