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"Cedar Barrier Best Yet"

A Safe and Natural way to Control All Insects in the Home, on Your Pets and even on Yourselves
Sold out.

"Cedar Barrier Best Yet" Controls Bed Bugs - Ants Roaches Spiders Fleas Mites Termites Carpet Beetles Silverfish - Moths

The days of toxic chemical insecticides in the home are finally over. It turns out mother nature had the answer all along safe and natural Cedar. When put into the right form, this one product can take care of all indoor insects, usually within seconds. And it kills eggs too!

Our Cedar Barrier Best Yet formula, was developed by Dr. Ben Oldag in 2006. It is made from the oil of a Texas Red Cedar that is particularly lethal to insects. Silane Fluid (liquid quartz) is the carrier that helps it penetrate shells and eggs. The product is FDA approved for homeowner use. It comes ready-to-use, with no mixing required. You can spray it indoors, on your pets and even on yourselves.

Caution: Do not spray Cedar Barrier Best Yet on Plant Life, or spray around pet Rodents, Snakes or Exotic Birds.

Save hundreds of dollars on exterminator, doctor and even veterinarian bills by using our safe Cedar Oil Cedar Barrier Best Yet formula.

A genuine Green / Bio-Product. The Cedar Barrier Best Yet Cedar Oil formula was first developed for our troops in the Mideast. They needed a safe, non-irritating or nausea producing (like Deet) solution for for sand fleas and other parasite control. It was proven to be not only safe, but extremely effective in providing sand fleas control. Iowa State completed the testing in June of 2009. Cedar Barrier Best Yet ranked number one in performance of any of the ten products analyzed by the USDA in their search for a genuine BIO product.

  • Cedar Barrier Best Yet can be used to handle virtually all insects, large and small - Including fleas, ticks, and bed bugs.

  • Cedar Barrier Best Yet will not stain or attract dirt. It can be used on any surface area including leather furniture, wood, hardwood floors, tile and linoleum floors, clothing, mattress and box springs, carpet, kitchen counters and inside cupboards and pantry areas. It also makes a excellent furniture polish.

  • Cedar Barrier Best Yet is not just a fast insect killer, it is also an insect (and rodent) repellent. By spraying it around the floor moldings, under the sink, and by doors, you can become your own exterminator. This non-toxic product is the ideal choice for homeowners, restaurants, hotels and kennels.

USE Cedar Barrier Best Yet to control ALL indoor insects.

General Indoor Insect Treatment:

Apply Cedar Barrier Best Yet on the floor, mop boards or floor molding, cupboards, rugs, carpet, mattress and box spring, bed clothing, furniture and anywhere else those parasites or other insects might be. It will not stain or attract dirt. Keep away from open flames or pilot lights. For Fleas, make sure you also treat the animals harboring the insects as well as their bedding with either the Cedar Barrier Best Yet or the Cedar Barrier Flea & Tick Spray. (They are interchangeable). Remember, you want to treat all areas as this product is considered a Contact Killer and must either touch the insect or be inhaled by the pest to incur death.


Cedar Barrier Best Yet can be sprayed with any trigger sprayer or pressurized pump sprayer. For full room applications or commercial spraying it can also be applied with a Non-Thermal Fogger which we also sell.

Indoor Insects, Ants, roaches, silverfish, termites, moths, fleas, carpet beetles etc...

Apply Cedar Barrier Best Yet on the floor, mop boards or floor molding, cupboards, rugs, windowsills, carpet, under the sink, mattress and box spring, bed, clothing, pet bedding, furniture and anywhere else those parasites or other insects might be. It will not stain or attract dirt. Keep away from open flames or pilot lights.

For serious infestations in the home you should do Full Room Indoor Insect Treatment With Cedar Barrier Best Yet. To work correctly the Cedar Barrier Best Yet must either touch or be inhaled by the pest to incur death. Regular light treatments with Cedar Barrier Best Yet or Cedar Barrier Flea & Tick Spray will also repel fleas and ticks from your pets. Spray directly on pets or spray on your hands or a cloth and then rub into their fur. Avoid contact with the eyse. If your pets go outdoors you should be treating your yard with the products on our Lawn & Kennel page to keep fleas and ticks from entering your property.


Once thought to be eradicated from North America, the legendary little pests known as bed bugs have been making an unwelcome comeback and are now regularly found in homes, schools, cruise lines and even in the most luxurious hotels. Bed bugs enter properties on people, pets, luggage and clothes. They can also come from a neighboring apartment/condo that has an infestation. Once in the home, they can hide in beds and furniture, radios, lamps, electrical outlets and virtually any nook or cranny in the room. Because they multiply very quickly so they must be dealt with quickly and aggressively.

Eliminate Bed Bugs Quickly and Safely With the Most Powerful Treatment on The Market

For the most part, bed bugs are nocturnal and will usually only come out at night to attack their victims. Their bites on people and pets cause severe itching and welts. They also will cause anxiety-ridden, sleepless nights until they are eliminated completely.

How to Do Your Own Bed Bug Treatment

Adult Bed Bugs are visible to the eye and treating for them can easily be done by the homeowner, or maintenance staff at a hotel or office building.

Here is all that you will need to do your own treatments:

  1. Cedar Barrier Best YetCedar Spray (1 gallon will treat 2-3 bedrooms)
  2. A fine mist trigger sprayer (included with your purchase) or any pump sprayer or fogger that delivers a fine mist
  3. A towel and some garbage bags.

These are the basic steps to take:

  1. Clean - Bag and wash all linen, clothing and other washable fabrics within the treatment area. Dry on high heat for 60 minutes.
  2. Treat Surfaces - Spray all surfaces of mattress and box spring. Then spray all surfaces of furniture, floors, carpets, molding, shelves and appliances. Remove drawers, spray them thoroughly and then spray inside the furniture. Spray behind wall hangings, into all nooks and crannies and any possible hiding places.
  3. Cedar Cloud - Spray or fog entire area for complete coverage, making sure to get in any closets.
  4. Finish - Seal area upon leaving and wait at least two hours before ventilating.

* Get complete and detailed instructions in this guide for do-it-yourselfers: HOW TO TREAT FOR BED BUGS

Non-Thermal Fogger

Use with Cedar Barrier Best Yet for fast and effective fumigation of rooms, hotels, offices, kennels, barns etc. A must-have tool for Professionals Pest Control companies or Maintenance Personal that can be used in handling infestations of bed bugs, fleas, ants and roaches.

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