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We Love to Hear from Our Customers - Look at What Some of Them have Been Saying:

I thought you would like to see how AWESOME my lawn looks.. I am the ENVY of my neighbors... It is soo pretty and soo thick.. I have been using your products for about 5 yrs Prior to use my lawn was pretty bad as we have a lot of clay and it was hard as a rock Now I find worms something I didn't have for years and years.. Thanks for all of the advice you give when I have a question.

Joann K. Ewing, NJ

I've been using aerify plus for about 15 mths and started using your fertilizer and dethatcher at the end of last summer. My soil was very dry and usually picked up a disease from the thatch holding the water. After using aerify plus, Here is a pic of my lawn in northern DE. Its so thick there is no room for a weed to come up. I just bought your all in one product to maintain my lawn. I know it can be even better.


H. Jones

I have an estimated 1460 pound pumpkin that is still slowly growing in my backyard in Joliet, IL. This is the first year I tried your AERIFYPLUS product and am very happy with the results to say the least. I applied one full hose end applicator bottle to each planting spot that consists of 700 sq ft. I have made repeated posts im my grower diary about your product on Bigpumpkins.com and have also posted on the Giant Vegetable Growers' of Ontario's message board how i love the product especially the goodies of the kelp, molasses, and humic acid thrown in. That is one nice combo besides also loosening my soil while at it. You are more than willing to use my testimonial.

Jeff S. Joliet, IL

Note: Jeff's pumpkin came in at 1493 pounds and set an Illinois state record.

I ordered your Aerify PLUS product last year. We have always had a beautiful lawn and have won Yard of the Month several times in our community of 800 homes. We live in St. Augustine, Florida.

At the beginning of February all of the lawns in our community are still brown and ugly and ours has been green and lush for several months. We are so shocked at how great our lawn looks and not to mention ALL of the compliments from neighbors. In eleven years, our lawn has NEVER been green for this long. It is quite amazing!!

We are ready for a refill. We are so happy with the results.

Thank you,

- Rosemary and Joe in Florida

Living in San Clemente for the past 2 years has been a blessing and a curse at times. I love living near the ocean, but the soil here is basically dead clay. Since I have been using your products, at my neighbors recomendation ( he has th only green lawn on the block) my yard has regained the green thick look it had when we put it in.

- Troy, San Clemente, CA

"...to folks that have dogs suffering from Ear Mites: Several good streams of cedar oil into the ear canal along with a quick ear massage put a end to my Shepherds suffering. I could tell he got instant relief from the treatment."

- Sharon Whitaker, Boise, ID

"I sprayed my three dogs immediately and it instantly killed the fleas on them. WOW. That Cedar Oil is lethal to fleas."

- Denise Whitaker, Charlotte, NC

I've maintained and fertilized my two year old sodded lawn regularly. However, I noticed this summer that my lawn was simply not growing in spite of ample rain. In addition, the lawn was not thick and robust.Two lawn care companies did a lawn assessment and both stated they would aerate and apply their fertilizers regularly. The yearly cost would be over $300.

I found your products on the internet, read the testimonials and made a phone call. The lawn care specialist was extremely helpful. After I explained my problem and told him of the high clay content underneath the top soil, the specialist recommended the lawn dethatcher and Aerify Plus products. I've applied the dethatcher once and Aerify Plus twice over the last four weeks…and it is working!! Large areas of my lawn are beginning to thicken and grow…and this is only after one month!!

I highly recommend these products and can't wait to see how my lawn looks in another month. My only regret is not finding these products in the spring vs. late summer. Thank you.

- J. Furtek-Chicago, IL

In 2005, I moved to SE Georgia where the soil is termed "hard pan" - hard as a rock and impenetrable by water. The Georgia Studies textbook for 8th graders termed this area "unsuitable for agriculture, supporting only Pine and scrub." So . . . research led me to Aerify Plus. Aerify Plus is the most cost effective solution to get the needed biology into soil that cannot breath. You will be amazed at the results! I also use Nature's Magic on my evergreen shrubs, roses, variety of flowering shrubs, and trees.

- K. Davies

Thank you so much for this (Aerify PLUS) product !! I feel the soil and the root system have greatly improved since using the product. I have pictures of the yard when I had lived here after a year and it is definitely an improvement since then. Also, watering here is an issue since we can't count on rain for moisture. We have sandy soil, not clay. Since using Aerify PLUS , the grass seems to hold the couple of waterings I do in a week's time and doesn't dry out as fast as before.

I applied it to my dormant winter lawn in New Mexico the last week of March. Today, my lawn is so thick and green I can hardly get the lawn mower through it!! I have lived in this house for 12 years now and my grass has NEVER looked this good since I started using your product 2 yrs ago.

Thanks again,

- S Brewer, Rio Rancho, NM

"I tried everything from bombs to soap and never could get rid of the rascals. One tank spray treatment with this product and they were history."

- Elaine Bernstien, Jersey City, NJ

"I am just about finished with my second bottle of Aerify PLUS. I have been trying to improve the condition of my lawn and garden for years!! Well, my yard now looks like your picture (so lush and thick). The added benefit has been that my Magnolia tree is blooming like crazy! It really hasn't bloomed properly in 10 years. I mean if I have to contend with the leaves in summer, I should at least be able to enjoy the flowers.

Thanks for helping me have the best looking lawn for miles!"

Your thankful fan in Houston TX,

- D. Salazar

I have been using the product for 3 years with great results . My GA soil was yellow clay and hard as concrete. Now, I just finished sodding my backyard.

The soil is now brown and full of earthworms. This is an amazing transformation from soil that wouldn't support much more than weeds.

I added Aerify Plus to the starter fertilizer and just ordered Natures Magic to help speed the rooting process to prepare for the hot late summer here. Great products that are reasonably priced. Tech support is also great.


- John M. Roswell, GA

"I purchased the fogger and several gallons of Best Yet and we fogged the whole house and the attic. ...You wouldn't believe all the dead bugs we found the next day"

- Wilma Marie, Richmond VA

"....For years I've been fighting insects that want to invade my gardens. I've tried most everything from home made remedies to commercial certified organic insecticidal soaps.I do know when a product works, and this Cedar Oil from The Green Buffalo is finally what every gardener should have in their insecticidal arsenal, especially against spider mites, earwigs, black beetles, aphids and most all other sap sucking insects. After controlling the insects, what I really like is they don't come back. The smell is a great insect deterrent!"

- RW from Montana

I'm ordering my second round of aeration products. I definitely noticed results with the Aerify Plus. Reason one is that due to poor grading, water used to sit on a concrete patio for a day or two. Now it no longer does this. Reason two is that the grass used to be soggy and squishy sounding, and now it is firm and appears healthy. Your product has done a fantastic job of leveling the playing field.

I appreciate the progress so far. If I were religious I'd answer the testimonials I read with an Amen. Thanks again,

- R. Smith, Richmond VA

Yep - things are starting to improve. Our lawn was planted in 1975 in subsoil from the foundation dig. The Yellowstone Valley soil is very alkaline, and practically solid clay 1-2" below the surface. Our lawn is one now of the best looking and no doubt healthiest on the block and the only one not using harsh chemicals. Love your product!

- Marcia Billings, Montana

"The bokashi tea does amazing things for plants. Here is a Christmas poincettia on April 15th, and it is still in bloom. Never saw that before."

- R. Lapiana, Lancaster, NY

"I have always taken good care of my house plants, but when I started added the bokashi tea once or twice a week, I saw a whole new level of growth and flowering. I've had flowering on my Christmas Cactus's for almost 5 months, and my stagnant Peace Lillies are actually blooming too. Can't wait to get it on my gardens this year."

- S. Bruce, Williamsville, NY

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