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Paws & Claws Flea and Tick Spray

Safe, Natural, and Effective Flea and Tick Control
Description Price Qty. Order
Paws & Claws 16 oz. spray bottle $20.95
Paws & Claws 32 oz. spray bottle $34.95
Paws & Claws 1 gal jug, includes free 1 qt sprayer $104.95

Fleas are dead in seconds! Paws & Claws formula provides safe and natural flea and tick control. Simply spray on your pet's coat; rub it in and fleas will die in about 30 seconds! It is simple, safe and effective. It leaves coats smooth and shiny and actually has a calming effect on animals. Paws & Claws will also handle Ear Mites, Mange (which is caused by Mites), and Lice. As a Natural Fungicide it will help with Dermatitis, Hot Spots and most Skin Irritations. You can also use the Vet's Choice Formula for skin problems as well as an economical flea repellent.

Paws & Claws can replace virtually all animal chemical insecticide treatments including Spot Drops and Flea Collars. It does not contain Pyrethrin or Deet. Paws & Claws is made from the Best Yet Cedar Oil Formulation originally developed by Dr. Ben Oldag in 2006 to help the troops in the Middle-East get relief from sand fleas and other insects. The common Deet formulas were causing burning skin, nerve reaction, nausea and blurred vision on the soldiers. Among hundreds of products tested, the Best Yet formulation was chosen as the most effective and safe product.

"We have 9 dogs and 6 cats,all live in and outside and share fleas etc. This is the 2nd gallon I have oredered since discovering your wonderful cedar oil! Thank you Thank you! I tell every pet owner about you"

Lisa, Bainbridge NY

Are Spot Drop Flea Killers Safe?

Read This before your pet becomes the next victim of the toxic chemicals used in most in-office flea treatments!

See what the Natural Resources Defense Council has to say about the effect of chemical pet products on animals AND humans.

Recommended by Prudent Vets, Groomers, Breeders, Animal Shelters, Kennels and 1000’s of Dog Owners around the world as a replacement to toxic PET MEDS that can compromise your pets immune system and bring about a host of other side effects. Paws & Claws is made from food-grade, EPA-exempt materials. It is safe for people, dogs, cats, horses and farm animals. It is a non-staining formula that can also be sprayed on carpets, furniture and bedding. The only cautions are: DO NOT USE on or around pet Rabbits, Mice, Rats, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Snakes or Exotic Birds. And DO NOT spray on Plant Life.


Avoid contact with eyes! Either spray your pets with Paws & Claws directly from the bottle, or for more nervous animals (especially cats) spray it on your hands or a cloth first, and then apply to your pets. DO NOT DILUTE WITH WATER. Treat the tail, back, underneath, ears, legs, and paws. The face area should be treated carefully by first spraying on your hands or on a cloth. Paws & Claws can also be sprayed around bedding area. For mange mites spray on liberally several times per day for 1 or 2 days. For ear mites spray 2 to 3 times per day in ear canal until you see the results you want to obtain.

Attention First Time Cat Users: IT IS RECOMENDED THAT YOU APPLY A SMALL AMOUNT TO ONE OF THE REAR LEGS OF YOUR CAT PRIOR TO A COMPLETE APPLICATION. Some cats react differently than others and will lick off the entire solution. When this happens they may get an upset stomach and start vomiting, trying to rub it off, then looking lethargic. If this should happen make sure you give them plenty of water. Some cat owners will wait a while and try to repeat the process to see if their cat will recognize the aroma and not want to lick it off again. If you do decide to continue applying the product you are doing so at your own risk of them licking it off again. …Make sure not to get in eyes.

For serious infestations in the home you should do full room insect treatments with Paws & Claws or our Best Yet product (they are interchangeable). You can apply with any trigger sprayer or pressurized pump sprayer. Commercial users may want to consider using a Non-Thermal Fogger (See the bottom of the Best Yet page, which we also sell. Apply to the floor, on or behinds mop boards or floor molding, cupboards, rugs, windowsills, carpet, under the sink, mattress and box spring, bed, clothing, pet bedding, furniture and anywhere else those parasites or other insects might be. Keep away from open flames or pilot lights. It will not stain or attract dirt. With either product you will be able to control all indoor insects, including Ants, roaches, silverfish, spiders, termites, moths, fleas, carpet beetles etc...

If your pets go outdoors you should be treating your yard with the products on our Outdoor Flea and Tick Control page to keep fleas and ticks from entering your property.

Paws & Claws is a contact insect killer that needs to be touched or inhaled, but it also works well as an insect repellent too. It should give at least 2 hours of protection from insects when you take your dog for a walk or to the park. But you still want to thoroughly check for any insects that you may have picked up hitch hiking when you return home. Some of our customers use Paws & Claws only when insects are visible. And they use the more economical Vet's Choice for their insect repellent product of choice.

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